Warren County Offrice of Economic Development

Outreach Program

The Office of Economic Development and its regional service partners have teamed together to expand the level of service to our business community and establish a Business Outreach Program. The Business Outreach Program is designed to:

  • Understand the business communities' existing and future needs
  • Identify opportunities to help companies expand in the community
  • Coordinate innovative solutions to increase return on investment
  • Facilitate State policy reform to enhance competitiveness
  • Build relationships with individual company executives
  • Analyze current marketplace trends to effectuate positive change in our region

The Office of Economic Development strives to meet with all businesses within the County. Businesses interested in participating in our program should fill out the following company background and survey and a team member will follow-up. The information gathered from this program shapes the department's priorities and understanding of the region's business climate to ensure that our existing businesses can continue to expand within the region. Once you complete the form click on the e-mail button at the end of the form to submit. Please print a copy for your files to ensure we capture all information. A team member will contact you to set up an appointment.

Company Background

Company Survey