Warren County Court of Common Pleas


Has the Lender already filed for foreclosure?

It is still not too late; you must get legal assistance immediately. You have (28) twenty-eight days to file your "answer" with the Clerk of Courts from the day that you receive the summons and complaint. If you fail to file an answer to the complaint with the Court, the bank may prevail with a default judgment and your house will be sold at a sheriff's auction.

Do you need assistance in avoiding foreclosure?

The Warren County Treasurer, Auditor, Clerk of Courts and Common Pleas Court are teaming up to assist and provide valuable information that may help you save your home.

If you are late on your property tax you may soon be in danger of foreclosure by your lender. Now is the time to work to save your home. Many agencies are willing to work with you and will contact your lender to assist you.