Warren County, County Court

Posting Bond

When someone is arrested, it may be possible for them to be released from jail by posting bond as a guarantee that they will appear in Court on a later date. You can contact Warren County Jail's booking department at 513-695-1287 or the Warren County Court Clerk's Office at 513-695-1370 to find out if it is possible to post bond on the charge and, if so, the amount of the bond. If bond is posted, the defendant will be released and given a court date to appear before the Judge. In addition, there is a mandatory $25.00 State fee assessed to every bond posted.

The Warren County Court Judges have created a Bond Schedule outlining bond amounts required for most offenses heard in this Court. View Bond Schedule

Generally, Warren County Court Judges will allow one or more of the following types of bond to be posted:

  • Cash Bond:
  • The entire amount of bond set by the Judge must be posted for a cash bond. Once the case is completely disposed of, the person posting the bond can get their money back. Both cash and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted for Cash Bonds.
  • Surety Bond:
  • A surety bond may be posted by a professional bonding company (bail bondsman) to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court.
  • O.R. Bond (Own Recognizance Bond):
  • The Judge may release a defendant on their own recognizance, which involves no bond money, but requires the defendant to guarantee that they will return for future Court appearances.
Refund of Bond

If you post bond for yourself or another person, you will be given a bond receipt. Hold onto this receipt. You will need it to get your money back once the case is disposed of-which means a decision or finding has been given, such as "guilty" or "not guiltyā€¯. The person who posts the bond can choose to either receive a refund of their money or apply the bond to the defendant's court costs and fines. In either case, the person who posted the bond must come to the Clerk's Office with their bond receipt, driver's license or photo I.D. If the case is disposed of and the bond depositor wants the bond refunded, please complete the Request for Refund of Bond Form and a check will be issued from the court.

Forfeiting Bond

If a defendant fails to appear in Court, it is possible that the Judge may choose to forfeit the posted bond. The case will then be set for a Bond Forfeiture Hearing. If you fail to appear, or fail to produce the defendant to the Court, your bond may be forfeited.