Warren County, County Court

EFFECTIVE 10/29/18

Pursuant to ORC 4511.991

If law enforcement issues an offender a citation that indicates the offender was distracted, the offender may enter a plea of guilty and waive their right to contest the citation by paying the total amount of the fine established by the court and paying the additional fee of $100.

In lieu of paying the additional $100 fee, the offender my instead elect to attend a distracted driving safety course. If the offender attends and successfully completes the course, the offender MUST provide proof of completion to the court. The offender shall still be required to pay the total amount of the fine established by the court, but shall not be required to pay the additional $100 fee. Proof of course completion MUST accompany your payment to the court for the additional fee to be waived.

If the offender appears in court to contest the citation in a trial and pleads guilty or is convicted, the court, in addition to all other penalties provided by law, may impose the additional $100 fee. The offender may still attend the distracted driving safety course and provide proof to the court to have the additional fee waived.

Distracted Driving Safety Course can be found at http://www.drivertraining.ohio.gov.

***Once the citation has been paid, no refunds will be issued.