Warren County, County Court

Traffic Safety Violations

View the chart below to see if your ticket is waiverable – allowed to pay ticket without appearing before the judge. If you are unsure of where to find the pertinent information on your ticket, please click here if you received a citation from Ohio State Highway Patrol (a full-page white piece of paper) or click here if you received a ticket from any other police agency (typically, you will receive a blue copy). There are boxes marked in grey which hold the most important information. If you are permitted to pay the ticket, you can make a check (if in the state of Ohio) or money order payable to: Warren County Court, 880 Memorial Drive, Lebanon, Ohio 45036 or you may call the Court’s payment service at 844-279-9638 and pay with a Visa or MasterCard for a small fee.

However, if you feel the ticket was unjustified, you may appear in court on your scheduled date to plead not guilty and have the case scheduled for trial at a later date.

Seat Belt - Driver $136.00
Seat Belt - Passenger $126.00
Child Restraint $210.00
Unsafe Vehicle $280.00
Open Container in a Motor Vehicle $225.00
Intoxicated Pedestrian on Highway $280.00
Consumption in a Motor Vehicle $320.00