Warren County Water & Sewer Department

Water & Sewer Rates

  • *WRRM fee
  • - Water Repair/Replacement & Maintenance -
  • In 2017, the Board of County Commissioners approved a bi-monthly fee of $7.50 for water customers. This fee is for the repair, maintenance and replacement of water facilities including wells, treatment plants, pump stations and elevated water towers. The fees will also be used to build distribution mains and upgrades to the County’s water treatment plants.
Minimums are based on a bimonthly billing period.
2021 Water Rates
0 - 6,000 Gallons Minimum - $26.58 + 7.50 *WRRM fee
($26.58 + $7.50 = $34.08) bimonthly
All over 6,000 Gallons $4.43/1,000 gallons
2021 Sewer Rates
0 - 6,000 Gallons
All over 6,000 Gallons
Minimum - $28.02 bimonthly
$4.67/1,000 gallons
2021 Sewer Only (Carlisle and Dale Acres) Minimum - $65.38
Water and Sewer rates are subject to modification from time to time.

Water service charges are calculated on the basis of metered water usage or the minimum bimonthly usage, whichever is greater. The customer is responsible for all water usage on the property as measured by the meter. It is advisable to keep your plumbing in good repair (i.e.:no leaky faucets or running toilets, etc.) to keep your charges as low as possible.

Sewer user charges are calculated on the basis of metered water usage or the minimum bimonthly usage, whichever is greater. To allow for water consumption which is not ultimately discharged into the sanitary sewer system, a maximum sewer service charge shall be established on an individual basis for single-family residential customers only. For four (4) summer months, the maximum sewer service charge shall not exceed one hundred-seventy-five percent (175%) of the average consumption for the previous eight (8) "non-summer" months. Each customer's base usage is recalculated each year using the previous "non-summer" months. Please contact the Warren County Water & Sewer Department to determine the applicable summer months for your service area.

For new homes or new accounts resulting from transfer of property for which less than three (3) bimonthly readings are available during the "non-summer" months, the average usage of the area is used as the basis for calculating base usage.

The following is an example of a calculation of the summer sewer use charge for last summer:

  • Example:
  • Assume that the average water usage for eight (8) months non-summer base period is 12,000 gallons per billing cycle or, for a 60-day cycle, 200 gallons per day. If a summer billing cycle is 62 days, the base usage would be 12,400 gallons (62 days x 200gpd). All sewer usage up to 21,700 (175% of 12,400 gallons) would be billed at the normal rate stated above. All usage in excess of 21,700 gallons would not be subject to sewer user charges.