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Protection of life, buildings, and property values through code enforcement.

For residential building permits, please email buildinginspection@co.warren.oh.us your residential applications, zoning, a water & sewer release along with the drawings to start processing your permit. For residential questions, please contact Kalena.kemp@co.warren.oh.us. For commercial questions, please contact brooke.hill@co.warren.oh.us. Please submit all plans digitally. If you are unable to do so, the largest paper drawings we will accept is 11 x 17.

Zoning permits please email to wczoning@co.warren.oh.us

April 1, 2023, Warren County Building and Inspection will no longer issue Approvals or Permits for Pole or Pedestal mounted cable television boosters or power supplies within our jurisdiction. Please work directly with the utility provider.

New Commercial Building Code in Effect on March 1, 2024
All applications submitted on or after 3/1/2024 must use the new Building Codes. This includes the Mechanical, Electrical, Energy and New Existing Building Code.

Our Inspectors are available 7:00am to 8:00am to answer any questions you have via phone and e-mail. (click here)