Warren County Court of Common Pleas

Our Mission

Warren County Court Services is committed to fulfilling the orders of the Common Pleas Court, protecting our community, providing justice for victims, holding our clients accountable, and utilizing evidence-based practices as a way of positively impacting our clients’ behavior.

Adult Probation Unit

The unit’s goal is to assist the court and the community through effec-tive supervision of offenders granted community control by the court. The unit’s goal is to assist offenders by mainstreaming them back into the community in a number of ways including holding offenders accountable for their actions, collaborating with local services to assist with identified needs, employment, education and other programming that will assist offenders in reintegrating back into the community and becoming productive citizens.

We work closely with the courts and criminal justice agencies of Warren County, State of Ohio, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and victim/witness advocates.

Community Corrections Unit

The unit’s goal is to continue to provide alternative means of court supervision and sentencing to all courts within Warren County while maintaining community safety.

At its inception in 1996, the purpose of Warren County’s Community Corrections unit was to allow work release privileges to inmates while incarcerated to assist them in continuing to provide for their families.

The Community Corrections unit allows offenders to be placed on electronic monitored house arresting saving considerable expense to the county by diverting individuals away from jail incarceration. The use of existing technologies with GPS and Transdermal Alcohol Detection allows unlimited growth potential.

Pretrial Services Unit

The unit’s goal is to develop and provide services that support informed, accountable release and detention decisions that neither unduly restrict a defendant’s liberty nor comprise the community’s safety. Additionally, it is a goal of the department to ensure that defendants will appear and answer before the court and to maximize the potential to reduce any criminal acts.

We serve the taxpayers of Warren County by saving the cost of incarcerating defendants who can otherwise be safely supervised in the community.

Annual Accomplishments
Adult Probation - 2023 Community Corrections - 2023 Pretrial Services - 2023
Supervised 1,134 individuals Supervised 1,015 individuals 740 presentence investigations completed
Collected $53,487.19 in fines 83.4% success rate for all supervised clients Supervised 256 individuals on Pretrial Supervision
Collected $816,344.60 in restitution and reimbursements Supervised 695 individuals on Intervention in Lieu of Conviction
Collected $52,327.09 in supervision fees Supervised 14 individuals on Prosecutorial Diversion (PD)
Collected $92,813.26 in child support
ILC collected $62,868.00 in restitution
ILC collected $7,003.28 in child support
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Scales Of Justice
  • Jennifer Burnside, Court Administrator
  • Amy Bidinger, Director
  • Melissa Niemeyer, Associate Director
  • Mike Steele, Associate Director
  • Sara Kocourek, Supervisor