Warren County Court of Common Pleas

Warren County Common Pleas Court, Judge Donald E. Oda

  • 500 Justice Dr.
  • Lebanon, OH 45036
  • (513) 695-1231
Judge Donald E. Oda

Judge Oda graduated from Ohio State University in 1991 with a degree in journalism. Upon graduation from Chase College of Law in 1995, he was admitted to the bar and maintained a general law practice in Warren County. Judge Oda was elected to the County Court in 2004 and was elected to the Common Pleas Court in 2012. His wife, Linda Oda, is the County Recorder. They live in Clearcreek Township with their two children.

Judge Oda is a member of Springboro Baptist Church and serves on the Board of Directors for Safe Haven Farms, a community for adults with Autism in Southwest Ohio.

Email: Secretary/Judicial Clerk