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We are excited to share with you the Warren County Records Center and Archives social media! You can find us on Facebook, Wordpress, and YouTube. Social media is the quickest way to reach current and potential patrons. As our department works to evolve into the digital age, it is our intent to attract a wider range of family genealogists, educators and historians who are interested in the rich history that Warren County government has accumulated over the last 200+ years. These pages, alongside our official county website, will allow us to interact more with our users by publicizing information about the records center, our growing digitalization projects, our educational outreach program and new exhibits to a broader audience, quicker.

We are also very excited to share with you our Oral History Program on our YouTube Page. We have been working with the community to conduct interviews of our constituents to develop a more inclusive history of Warren County. We are currently conducting oral histories on the Old Silver Street Jail, Infirmary building, the old Mary Haven’s Children’s Home, and former elected officials and long term/retired employees. If you would like to take part in the program, please contact us at archives@co.warren.oh.us or 513-695-1815.

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