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Energy Conservation For 1, 2 and 3-Family Construction

The Ohio Building Code is subject to frequent change. Please contact the Building Department for the latest update.

O.A.C. 4101:2-13-01. Energy conservation measures for one, two and three-family dwellings in compliance with the following provisions shall be deemed to satisfy the building envelope requirements of Section 1301.1, exception 1(b):

  • Insulation required 4' (feet) down on basement walls R-4
  • Insulation for opaque walls shall have an average thermal resistance rating of at least R-19;
  • Insulation for opaque ceilings shall have a thermal resistance of at least R-30;
  • Insulation for floors over unheated spaces shall have a thermal resistance rating of at least R-19;
  • Perimeter insulation for heated slabs on grade shall have minimum thermal resistance rating of R-6. The insulation shall extend downward from the top of the slab for at least twenty-four inches (24") or downward to the bottom of the slab and then horizontally beneath the slab for a total distance of at least twenty-four inches (24");
  • Crawl space shall have a thermal resistance rating of at least R-19.
  • For slab and crawl space wall insulation depths refer to above.
  • Windows, skylights and all other forms of non-opaque walls or ceilings shall have multiple glazing, heat absorbing or heat reflecting glazing;
  • Air leakage shall comply with the requirements of Section 1301.1(b).
  • Ductwork in unheated space to be R-8