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Types of Building & Electrical Inspections

Footer/Foundation: Inspection of excavation with concrete grade set and rebar in place.

Slab: If required (see plan notes), after plumbing inspection is approved with wire mesh and vapor barrier in place.

Bonding: Mechanical connections of all metal parts within five (5) feet of pool.

Crawl Space: After beams and joist are set prior to flooring being applied.

Demolition: After structure has been removed, utilities disconnected and lot graded.

Fire Damage: Prior to removal of any materials then rough and final inspections as it is being rebuilt. Plans may be required depending on amount of damage.

House Meter: This is an optional inspection, meter base and service panel must be set with one (1) GFI outlet.

Information: Only set by inspector and contractor.

Rough Building/Electric: Includes rough HVAC (usually same time as rough electric inspection) as our inspectors are dual certified. After rough plumbing is inspected. House must be weather tight. All framing, electric, HVAC and plumbing completed. Windows and doors in, tubs set.

Insulation: After insulation is completed and any outstanding uncompleted framing and electric items are done.

Temporary Service Release:This is an optional inspection. Meter base and service panel must be set with one (1) GFI outlet.

Fireplace: Masonry - at first flue liner. Metal fireplace - once set and flue completed.

Life Safety: (Fire suppression, alarm, sprinkler, hood, exits, etc.) This is considered a commercial only inspection.

Ceiling (commercial): After ceiling grid is done just prior to installing ceiling pads.

Walls (commercial): Framing, electric and HVAC prior to hanging drywall.

HVAC: All duct work and cold air returns must be completed.

Gas Line: By power company - outside; by Building Department - inside. Warren County requires black iron be used inside structures.

Sump Pump: The connection to the master sump drain line is inspected if one is available.

Final Building/Electric: When house or structure is one hundred percent (100%) completed including final plumbing inspection.

Final Plumbing: Obtain from the Combined Health District (513 695 1249).

Trench: Customer owned only. 24" deep trench, red electric line tape pinned to side of trench, 12" above wire. Inspector may require sand over and under wire if in rocky area.