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Plot Plans

A plot plan is a dimensional drawing of a property, which indicates the proposed placement of a structure. Although, not typically required to be to scale, a reasonable representative of the size and shape of the lot is required when submitting a zoning permit application.

Other information that is required on a site plan includes:

  • Dimensions of property lines;
  • Location of road (s) (including centerlines and right-of-ways);
  • All existing structures on the property;
  • All structures that are to be removed;
  • Proposed structure (s);
  • Building setbacks*;
  • Distance from all property lines to the closest contact to the proposed structure (s);
  • Waterways;
  • Easements

*Building setbacks are measured from the front, rear and side property lines to the first contact of the proposed structure.

Lot drawings obtained through the Warren County Real Estate Property Search are permitted as plot plans as long as they contain all of the above-mentioned requirements and are clearly legible.