Warren County Ohio, Court of Common Pleas - Probate-Juvenile Division

Juvenile Court Truancy Complaint Forms

Instructions for Completing PDF Complaint Forms

Listed below are the truancy complaint forms filed in Juvenile Court. Please choose the correct form you wish to complete (click on name of form). There is a link to the right with the applicable O.R.C. section if you need additional information.

You will then be prompted for a password –Call Juvenile Court for password (513-695-1160).

The form is set up with tab through boxes – you must complete each box.

The child’s name should include the middle name if known and any suffix i.e. Jr., II etc.

The names of both parents must be provided – if name and/or address is unknown, you must enter “unknown” in this section.

The “To Wit” section must be completed with essential facts of the situation i.e. you must describe what happened.

Once you have completed the form, please print and sign after being sworn by either a notary or deputy clerk. The form can be signed at the Court in front of a Deputy Clerk who will swear you in prior to your signing.

Truancy Complaint Forms
2151.022(B) Habitual Truant Unruly Juvenile Court Ohio Revised Code
2919.24(B)(2) Contributing (Juvenile Court) Ohio Revised Code
3321.38(A) Failure to Send (Juvenile Court) Ohio Revised Code