Warren County Ohio, Court of Common Pleas - Probate-Juvenile Division

Truancy Policy

The Mission of the Warren County Probate/Juvenile Court is to resolve matters fairly and timely by providing an impartial, independent and dignified forum, in order to promote respect for the Rule of Law, instill public confidence and trust, protect individual rights and liberties, and ensure public safety.

Pursuant to House Bill 410, when a student has 38 hours of absence (excused or unexcused) in a month or 65 hours of absence (excused or unexcused) in a year, a letter will be sent to the student’s custodian, parent or caretaker by the school, informing them of the missed days and the educational policies and laws that apply to the student.

When a student has 30 hours of unexcused absence in a row, 42 hours of unexcused absence in a month, or 72 hours of unexcused absence in a year, the student and parent are required to attend an intervention plan meeting. This meeting is co-presented by school officials and Court personnel and will address state laws, the factors that are contributing to the absences, as well as solutions to successfully get the student to school every day. An intervention plan will be created during this meeting, and attendance will continue to be monitored.

Once the intervention plan is in place and a student’s attendance does not improve, charges may be filed. For first time offenders, an informal hearing will be scheduled with the student, parent, and a Court official. As with the intervention plan meeting, the purpose of this hearing is to explore the issues that are keeping the child out of school and attempt to find solutions that will successfully get the student to school every day. A diversion agreement will be drafted and agreed to by the student and/or parent. If the student is still not successfully attending school, the truancy officer may revoke the diversion agreement, and call the parties officially to Court.

A hearing will be scheduled, and if the student and/or parent is adjudicated or found guilty of the charge, the Court can make dispositional orders with which the student and parent will be required to comply.

Possible Truancy Charges
  • Habitual Truancy Unruly Truancy (2151.022(B) O.R.C.)
  • Failure to Send (3321.38(A) O.R.C.)
  • Contributing to Unruliness/Delinquency of Child (2919.24(B)(2) O.R.C.)
Possible Consequences
  • Obtain and familiarize self with school attendance policy
  • Require a child not to be absent without legitimate excuse
  • Order child to be placed on Probation
  • Suspend defendant’s operator’s license, or restrict the right to test for an operator’s license
  • Order any mental health evaluation, drug and alcohol assessment, or other evaluation
  • Order child to do community service
  • Require parent to participate in up to 70 hours of community service
  • Participate in a Truancy Education Program
  • Complete a Truancy Assessment
  • Attend MHYC day reporting, our in-house school
  • Pay up to $1,000 in fines plus court costs
  • Commitment of juvenile to the Juvenile Detention Center
  • Order adults/parents to be fingerprinted by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office
  • Commitment of adults/parents to the Warren County Jail
  • Any other order deemed appropriate to facilitate successful school attendance

It is the hope of this Juvenile Court that all children in Warren County successfully complete their education through the 12th grade and obtain a high school diploma. Being in school every day will contribute to that goal becoming a reality.