Warren County Board of County Commissioners

County Bid Projects

2021 Well Redevelopment Project
Edwardsville Road Bridge #196-1.01 Rehabilitation Project
New Jail & Sheriff's Office Fiber & Copper Backbone Project
RFP Rental Assistance Relief Software
Sewer Manhole and Sewer Main Rehabilitation - Phase 1 Project
Springboro Road Bridge #41-2.49 Rehabilitation Project
Union Road Bridges #33-4.92 & #33-5.16 Rehabilitation Project
Warren County Jail & Sheriff's Office Dental Equipment Project
Body Scanner Inspection System for the Warren County Jail
Brooks-Carroll Road and Collett Road Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Project
Fosters Lift Station and Gravity Sewer Improvements
FY19 Harveysburg Storm & Sanitary Sewer Improvement CDBG Project
Hunter Sewer System Improvements
Re Sale of 2020 Water and Sewer Scrap Metal
RFP Purchase of Electronic Financial Transaction Device or Kiosk
WAR-CR21-0.23-0.41, (aka Mason-Montgomery Road Access Management Improvements) (ODOT PID 109613)
Warren County Transit - Operation
Water and Sewer Scrap Metal
WC Administration Building Electric Service Entrance Project
Wood Road Pavement Repair and Resurfacing Project
Columbia Road Widening Project
RFP-Ballots 2020 through February 2021
The Board of County Commissioners Meeting is held on Tuesdays at 9:00 am and the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm. Thursday meetings are on an "as needed" basis and the Board may schedule or cancel as deemed necessary. If you plan to attend a Thursday meeting, please call (513) 695-1250 to confirm the meeting has not been cancelled.