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Carmody Park Lower Twin Creek Park Nature Preserve

Image of Carmody Park sign
  • Franklin Township
  • 7499 Martz Paulin Rd.
  • Franklin, Ohio 45005

Carmody Park is located on Martz Paulin Rd., near Franklin, Ohio, along Twin Creek. The park is located in Franklin Township near the City of Franklin, population 11,664. It is next to Carlisle, population 4,780 and 12 miles west of Dayton, Ohio. 13 miles northwest of Lebanon and 3.5 miles northwest of I-75.


This 60-acre tract was purchased from the heirs of the Carmody Estates. Approximately 40% of the acquisition cost was provided under an agreement to convey a conservation easement to Five Rivers Metro Parks, of Montgomery County. This was done out of a joint interest in restoring and preserving the stream corridor along Twin Creeks. The park was dedicated November 6, 2005.

TOTAL ACREAGE: 158 acres
Aerial Image of Carmody Park
Image of park creek

Approximately 36 acres are open agricultural field areas suitable for active play fields. Soccer, baseball, and football will be considered for future development. The remaining 24 acres are wooded and will remain in the conservation are to be made available to the public for trials, interpretive park use and development and scenic stream access and enjoyment. This park is the centerpiece of a complex over several properties acquired under the Clean Ohio Grant Program to supplement the property acquired from the Carmody Estate. The entire complex will compromise more than 400 acres and will be known as the Carmody Park Lower Twin Creek Park Nature Preserve.