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Clint Fultz River Park

Image of Clint Fultz Park sign
  • Corwin and Wayne Townships
  • 6102 Corwin Ave.
  • Corwin, Ohio 45068

Clint Fultz River Park is located less than one mile southeast of Waynesville, Ohio and approximately 7.5 miles north of Lebanon, Ohio.


Clint and Marilyn Fultz have been substantial supporters of Warren County parks in Wayne Township for many years. The Village of Corwin purchased this tract of land from Carl and Barbara Lamb. In the month of November, 2000 the Park District purchased the 13.5214-acre tract of land from the Village of Corwin for the amount of $55,000. An additional 17 acres of land adjoining the original parcel on the northeast border was acquired with funds from the County Commissioners in 2003, making the total acreage now approximately 30 acres. The park was named Clint Fultz Memorial Park at its dedication in 2002.

Image of river
TOTAL ACREAGE: 30 plus acres
WOODED ACREAGE: 3 acres + or -
FIELDED ACREAGE: Approximately 10.5 acres
Aerial image of Clint Fultz Park

Clint Fultz Park lies on the bank of the Little Miami River in the east side, directly across from Bowman Park. Together they comprise an 80-acre park complex that encompasses and protects both banks of the river and provides public access to the Scenic River. Located in the Village of Corwin, Fultz Park is also adjacent to the Little Miami Scenic hike and bike trail making it accessible to hikers and bikers who use the trail in that popular area. In 2003-2005 a Little Miami Scenic River watercraft access was developed with parking, launch ramp and river access facilities. Also added were playground facilities, parking and picnic shelters. The property is well used for these purposes and also for overflow parking for the nearby bike trail. Its setting along the Little Miami River makes this tract of land which is a perfect location for the watercraft access ramp to launch water craft in association with other launch facilities including our similar facility at the Morrow Veterans Park in Morrow. The Fultz Park is accessed from Corwin Avenue but could also have a second access from New Burlington Road.


Most of this parkland lies in the flood plain of the Little Miami River. The river presents some problems and also makes it unique and beautiful. With the bike trail near this tract of land, it offers parking for people using the bike trial as well as offering space for soccer fields and picnic shelters along the scenic river.

Image of watercraft sign
Image of person canoing on river

Sports Events, Picnicking, and Watercraft Launch

Image of playground equipment Image of plan for Clint Fultz Park

Clint Fultz Park is now one of three parks in the area that embraces and features the natural assets of the little Miami River in the area (Bowman, Hisey, and Fultz). This park will continue to feature and protect the Little Miami River corridor, while providing watercraft access picnic and playground facilities with a potential for additional active soccer fields and picnicking-hiking, as part of the three-park complex.