Warren County Family and Children First Council

Dispute Resolution

Service Coordination Dispute Resolution Process

Disputes involving Clinical Committee Services will be resolved pursuant to the Warren County Service Coordination Plan as developed by the Clinical Committee. Disputes involving the services of Help Me Grow will be resolved pursuant to the dispute resolution process as developed by the Early Childhood Coordination Committee. All service coordination disputes will be resolved in compliance with ORC 121.37, ORC 121.38 and ORC 2151.23.

Dispute Resolution Process - Other Entities

Should an organization elect Warren County Family & Children First Council as their dispute resolution organization, said agency/organization shall notify Family & Children First Council in writing c/o FCFC Coordinator, 1879 Deerfield Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036 or Email. If FCFC accepts responsibility for that process, a notice will be mailed to the agency/organization confirming the responsibility.

FCFC will require sufficient time be included in the agency/organization RFP/planning process for issues to be resolved. The FCFC member that objects to the services and/or funding, must submit their objection in writing to the FCFC Chair or FCFC Coordinator within seven (7) days of the meeting or decision that resulted in the objection. The objection must identify the specifics of the objection and the proposed resolution requested by the objecting party.

The Executive Committee of the FCFC shall call a special meeting for the purpose of resolving the issue. A majority vote of the Executive Committee of FCFC will resolve the matter. The final decision shall be made within fourteen (14) days of the filing of the objection and copies of the decision shall be provided to all parties.