Warren County Family and Children First Council

Family Representatives

Importance of Family Representatives

As policy and programs are developed to meet the needs and improve the lives of Ohio's greatest natural resources, our children, decisions need to have the consideration of people who will use the services. Lawmakers made it clear that Family and Children First county councils would be required to have a minimum of three family representatives.

Family Representatives

The role of the family representative is two-fold:

  • Ensure council actions take into consideration the needs of the people who will use the services.
  • Model partnership and communication to other parents as well as to the public and private agencies represented by Council.
Application Process

Interested family members should submit a completed Family Representative Application.

As openings occur, prospective applicants will be presented to the full Council at a regularly scheduled meeting for approval. Candidates are selected to ensure balanced representation from throughout Warren County.

As defined by law, an individual can serve as a council family representative if they are not employed by an agency represented on the council, and who are or have received services from an agency that is represented on a county council.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a family representative, please contact Jennifer Landry at 513-695-2900 ext. 2916 or via email at Kevin.Stevens@Warrencountyesc.com

  • Attend Council meetings regularly giving voice to insights and perspectives unique to families.
  • Join a committee to support the work of council and to help council agencies work more effectively with families.
  • Communicate to other families about FCFC work, Ohio's Commitments to Child Well-being and local initiatives.
  • Be involved in the work of identifying and training potential family representatives.

Regular meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of every other month at 9:00 a.m. Standing committees are encouraged to meet on a regular basis and are scheduled by the committee -- usually during the day.