Warren County Family and Children First Council

Service Coordination

Service coordination is a way of organizing services for families and children. It helps to bring services to children and families in a way that is simple and organized for the family. The process finds resources whether that is agencies, people, and/or programs that can help. Family involvement is critical since coordination must be centered on the family in finding the individualized services and supports required.

Service coordination builds upon the strength of services in the community that are already working for families. It is important for services and supports to be responsive to the cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds that are present in the community.

Historically service coordination support was focused on the most difficult to serve children and youth. There are some specific state initiatives that link to this work, such as ODYS Juvenile Reentry and ODE's School Readiness Solutions recommendations, but funding for this key function is not supported at the state level. There are local efforts to support this practice through pooled funds that are administered by the Clinical Committee, but limited funding continues to present challenges to the service needs of the community.

Service Coordination Questions and Answers

Additional information about service coordination is available from the following:

Service Coordination Contacts
  • Kevin Stevens - Clinical Coordinator
  • Warren County ESC
  • 1879 Deerfield Road
  • Lebanon, OH 45036
  • 513-695-2900 ext. 2916
Project Director of Warren County Help Me Grow
  • Stefanie Post
  • 1869 Deerfield Road
  • Lebanon, OH 45036
  • 513-695-2900 ext. 2919