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Jobs Program

The Warren County Department of Human Services' Employment, Training and Assessment Classes provide services to recipients of Ohio Works First (OWF) cash assistance and Food Stamps. The purpose of the program is to provide support, guidance, training and assistance to help transition toward personal responsibility, employment and self-sufficiency.

Every recipient of OWF and many Food Stamp recipients must participate in the employment, Training and Assessment Classes to be eligible for assistance. An assessment is completed to determine skill levels and/or barriers to becoming self-sufficient. A self-sufficiency plan is developed and a contract is signed by the participant. The participants are usually scheduled to two (2) weeks of classroom training where they will receive helpful training/assistance such as interviewing skills, resume development, job search skills, mental health and drug/alcohol assessments by certified assessment counselors, computer training and many other self-help skills.

After two weeks of classroom training, if participants have not obtained employment, they are assigned to a Work Experience Program (WEP). Individuals are assigned to work sites to gain work experience and skills in employment areas such as clerical, maintenance, food service, and general labor. The purpose of the WEP Program is to provide work experience opportunities for OWF and Food Stamp participants.

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