Warren County Ohio, Court of Common Pleas - Probate-Juvenile Division

Mary Haven Youth Center

Photo of entrance to the Mary Haven Youth Center
  • Court Administrator, Laura Schnecker
  • Superintendent, Mike Goodlett
Programs and Services offered at Mary Haven Youth Center

Mary Haven Youth Center is a 24-bed residential treatment center for males ages 12-18 that have been adjudicated delinquent. This facility is locally operated and used as an alternative to sending youth to the Ohio Department of Youth Services as well as a consequence for habitual offenders in an attempt to change behaviors rather than letting them escalate into more severe criminal activities

Cognitive Behavior Modification: Youth are given an opportunity to gain control of their lives, change their negative behaviors and become productive participants in their communities. The Mary Haven program is based on behavior modification principles. Residents are given rewards for good behaviors and appropriate consequences for negative behaviors. Progress in the program is determined by the behavior of the resident.

Education: School is a very important part of the Mary Haven program. Residents are in classes for 5.5 hours each day. Warren County Educational Services provide the teachers for Mary Haven. Each teacher has his/her teaching certificate. Grades are accredited through Educational Services and credits awarded by the resident's home school upon release from Mary Haven.

Students are taking Virtual classes for Math and Science classes.

In some cases, residents are allowed to pursue their GED while in placement at Mary Haven. This decision is done on an individual basis depending on the circumstances regarding the resident.

Recreation: Each resident receives a minimum of one hour of organized recreation a day. Our facility has a gymnasium, which allows the residents to engage in large motor skill activities in any kind of weather. There is also an outdoor recreation area in which residents may play basketball, softball, volleyball or other sport as approved by staff.

Counseling: Therapeutic staff is made up of a team of Intervention Specialists and is supervised by the Clinical Director. The Intervention Specialist is responsible for tracking residents' progress on the level system as well as designing each resident's Case Plan. Intervention Specialists are also responsible for individual counseling sessions, group counseling and family counseling. Other duties performed by the Intervention Specialists on a regular basis are: crisis intervention, suicide risk assessment and pre-placement assessments.

Sex Offender Treatment: Residents who are in placement for a sex-related offense are placed in the sex offender treatment program. Therapists direct the group that meets weekly to discuss sex-offending behavior, thinking errors and behavior cycles. Residents in this group must undergo a polygraph examination. Once a resident is released from placement, they remain in the group until he/she has completed this portion of his/her treatment program. In 2010 Mary Haven Youth Center received Sex Offender Certification for Assessment, Treatment and Transition through the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Substance Abuse: For those residents in placement that are found to have a history of substance abuse, they are evaluated to ascertain their level of involvement in drug use. Once their involvement level has been determined, the resident is placed in group counseling, individual counseling or both. Substance abuse treatment is provided by the Substance Abuse Coordinator who is a licensed LCDC III.

Health Education: The Crisis Pregnancy program provides a group for both the residents in our program to help educate them on the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and issues related to dating and acquaintance rape.

Religious Opportunities: All residents have the right to participate in religious activities on grounds at Mary Haven. Various church groups participate in the way of fellowship hours by providing snacks and interacting in ball games or other activities.

Anger Management: Each pod is involved in an anger management group on a weekly basis. Residents are taught skills of managing their behaviors, as well as signs to look for to help stop them from losing control.

Relapse Prevention Program: Prior to their release from the program, residents work with their Intervention Specialist and families to develop a relapse prevention plan. This plan addresses issues which may present problems for the residents once they are released from the program.

After-care Probation Services: Mary Haven residents that successfully complete the program are placed on After-care Probation to help them with the transition back into the community. This program is a minimum of 3 months.

Child Support: Whenever a youth is committed to placement in the full Mary Haven Youth Center program an order for a child support hearing will be set. This child support obligation will be calculated using state child support guidelines in Ohio. The purpose of the child support imposed is to help offset the costs of placement at Mary Haven.

In addition to the programs listed above, the Mary Haven staff provides many additional activities on a regular basis. Residents will be involved in gardening projects as well as general yard care, pod activities and cleaning, goal groups and reflection groups. Staff is also encouraged to instruct residents on various areas of interests that they have, such as, hobbies or skills that the residents may enjoy.