Warren County Ohio, Court of Common Pleas - Probate-Juvenile Division

About the Juvenile Court Division

The Mission of the Juvenile Court is stated in Ohio Revised Code Section 2151.01 and the rules of Juvenile Procedure as promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Guidelines of are as follows:

  • To provide for the care, protection and mental and physical development of children subject to Chapter 2151 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • To protect the public interest in removing the consequences of criminal behavior and the taint of criminality from children committing delinquent acts and to substitute, therefore, a program of supervision, care and rehabilitation.
  • To achieve the foregoing purposes whenever possible, in a family environment separating the child from its parents only when necessary for his/her welfare or in the interests of public safety.
  • To provide judicial procedures through which the parties are assured a fair legal hearing and where their constitutional and other legal rights are recognized and enforced.

Warren County Juvenile Court has developed a broad base of programs and services to help fulfill its mission. Probation intervention is the most widely used technique to address delinquent and unruly behaviors. The Probation Department integrates sanctions, safety, rehabilitation and victim losses to effectively deal with offenders.

In addition to probation, the County provides other services through our Court Clinic . The Court Clinic provides assessments and services as ordered by the court or recommended through probation. Assessment types include mental health, drug and alcohol, juvenile sex offender, risk and placement assessments. The Court Clinic also provides several programs including drug/alcohol intervention, wrap-around services, out-patient sex offender treatment, certified through the Department of Youth Services, and services to unruly youths.

Transition services are available to facilitate a youth’s return to school and home following placement. Court Clinic staff provides treatment and case management services to the residents of Mary Haven Youth Center. The Court Clinic directs the SOAR program, an after school program held in Mary Haven Youth Center to serve at risk youth. The classes that are provided include anger management, life skills, a girl’s relationship group called Voices, the Real World, Real Money curriculum and the YES program, a youth educational shoplifting program.

SOAR participants are ordered through the court or are also recommended by probation. In addition to providing services through the Court Clinic and SOAR program, the court recommends and orders services provided by the county and outside agencies such as: a litter collection program; alcohol and drug urine screening; assessments; intervention; education and therapy; counseling; anger management groups; parenting education groups; victim impact reporting; sex offender group; theft classes; Car-Teen driving school; Detention Center; Residential Treatment; out-of-home placement; guardian ad litem services and indigent legal representation among other things.