Warren County, County Court

Jury Overview

Warning: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has made a public warning about potential jurors being contacted by telephone by individuals identifying themselves as court employees. The individual calling tries to elicit personal information from the potential juror. Please be advised that Warren County Court does not contact people via telephone and ask for personal information. If you receive a phone call from an individual representing themselves as a court employee, do not provide any personal or confidential information, and immediately report the call to the court. All correspondence regarding jury duty from this court will be in writing.

A jury trial will be conducted with a jury consisting of eight jurors plus one alternate, who may be required to fill in should another juror need to leave due to an emergency or if they are dismissed from service. The alternate will hear the entire trial but will not participate in deliberations if they have not been put into active service by the time the case is turned over to the jury.

Jury service is one of the most important civic duties which enables you to participate directly in the administration of justice. When you are called to be a juror, you become a very important person in the legal system.

If you are selected, you may hear either a criminal or civil case. A criminal trial will involve a misdemeanor criminal or traffic offense, where the State of Ohio will be represented by a prosecutor and the defendant may or may not have an attorney. The state is also considered to be the plaintiff in these cases.

A civil trial involves either a civil or small claims dispute. The parties in these cases may or may not be represented by attorneys. The person who filed the claim is considered the plaintiff and the person against whom the claim was filed is the defendant.

We hope to address many concerns you may have before beginning your service as a juror and also to give you an idea of what to expect while serving. If you do not find the answers to your questions here or if you wish to speak with the jury selection clerk, please call (513) 695-1370 and press "4" when prompted.

When calling the court, please have your ID number ready for more efficient service. There are several courts within the county. This court is located at 880 Drive, Lebanon, Ohio in the same building as the Warren County Sheriff's Administrative Offices.

Jury Duty Recording: (513) 695-1112 and press "1" when prompted.

If you are assigned to the Common Pleas Court, please call: (513) 695-1597.