Warren County, County Court

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a jury summons in the mail; what is the next step?
How long does jury duty last?
When will I be notified of my date and time to serve?
Do I need to call in every day?
Will I be excused for vacations, medical issues, etc?
What should I do if I have an unexpected event come up after my paperwork was returned and need additional excused days?
What if I have moved out of the county or state?
What should I do if I have received a jury summons for a deceased family member?
What should I do if I have received a jury summons for a previous resident of my home?
What if a family member is away at college or in the military and they have received a summons for jury duty?
What should I wear if called for service?
Can I volunteer for jury service or send someone in my place if I am unable to serve?
Do I have to respond to the jury summons?
What if my employer requires me to turn in a statement that verifies my attendance at jury duty?
Will my family be able to contact me at the courthouse in the event of an emergency?
What happens when I report for jury duty?
What happens during jury selection on the trial date?
Why hasn't anyone called to let me know that I have been excused from jury duty?